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Drew -

Labor: 10 hours - $1000

Labor charge Include work related to porting the oilfilter housing,replacing oil cooler, chasing/repairing various oil leaks, troubleshooting oil pressure gauge, removing/reinstallation of timing components, replacing seat rails on driver seat, changing oil-cutting/inspecting filter, examining the tune, and installing parts below

 Oil cooler sandwich (yours was leaking coolant into the oil) - $20

1g timing modified to work with 2g mount - $100

Hallman Boost Controller - $50

Glowshift oil pressure sender - $25

Driver side seat rails - $50

Valve cover gasket, ofh gasket, cam seals- $30

Return delivery - $450

subtotal - $1725

+3.5 Credit card service fee - $51.75

$1776.75 total