Remote Tuning 'Simple' - ECUFlash

Remote Tuning 'Simple' - ECUFlash

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This is for you BlackBox DSM/EVO 8/9/X guys that are using EVOScan/ECU Flash to tune your factory ECU. This is my standard tuning service that covers 90% of the customers I help tune!. It includes Speed Density or MAF Tuning. I will work with you individually to learn what your setup is/goals are and we will tune your car either doing a desktop sharing session like TeamViewer or a traditional emailing logs back and forth. This tuning includes Idle/Cruise as well as WOT.

Please note that the "Simple" here is only referring to the time that it might take for me to do this. I the more costly options have nothing to do with the Horsepower the tune might take, moreso factors that might change the amount of time the tune might take. (i.e. Flex Fuel Sensors/Multiple Fuel scenerios, Meth Injection, Nitrous, On board boost control etc) If your car is running on just a single fuel without any of these "extras" mentioned than this one is likely for you!


The increased cost of this vs an "ECMLink" remote tune is simply due to the added time it takes to tune an ECUFlash car. The logging speeds are much slower, but more timeconsuming is the fact that you have to turn the car off for every single adjustment.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!.